Get studious.

Studious planner will get your study life back in order.

Introducing Studious planner. Coming soon for iPhone and iPad.

Your study life at a glace

The dashboard keeps you up-to-date on your progress throughout the study period and ensures you always know what is coming up next.

Stay on top of assessments and exams

Notifications can remind you when your assesments are due and your exams are coming up so you'll always be prepared for what is next.

Your study to-do list

Create tasks for readings, homework and other deliverables to keep on top of your classes.

Track your progress

Record your results on assessments and exams throughout the study period to keep an your progress and see how you are going.

Be your best

Keeping on top of your studies with one simple app will help you be your best and get the best results possible.

Available in beta soon.