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Studious provides everything you need to get your studies under control, in one place.

3,731 places

We've found and mapped places all over your campus; from libraries to lecture theatres to restrooms.

4,956 photos

Gorgeous photos of lecture theatres and tutorial rooms so you can be sure you are where you need to be.

43,239 students

Our products are perfectly tuned to students just like you.

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Studious maps

Studious maps has just launched at UCLA where we've mapped the entire campus - from lecture theatres to restrooms. Get exactly where you need to be and never get lost again.

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Studious planner

Studious planner helps you keep on top of your subjects, classes, homework and assessments in one handy place. Never miss a class or forget about a due assignment again!

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Studious timetable

Studious timetable is your class timetable in your pocket wherever you go. Better yet you can share and compare your timetable with friends to find great times to meet up.

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